List of important new features introduced in Oracle RAC 12c

The following are some of the important new features introduced in Oracle RAC 12c ( Flex Cluster Flex ASM IPv6 Support for PUBLIC, SCAN, VIP, GNS address Global Data Services Online Resource Attribute Modification ASM Disk Group: Shared ASM Password File Valid Node Checking: Restricting Service Registration Shared GNS CHM Enhancements for Flex Clusters Windows:…


Oracle Exadata? Is it for me?

Oracle Exadata is an engineered system. It’s used to deploy Oracle Databases. It is a complete system that includes Database servers, Storage servers and Infini Band Networking with an “in-a-box” strategy. It provides High Availability, Scalability and extreme performance for business critical databases. Exadata cab be used to deploy both OLTP & DW workloads on a single…


Oracle Installation Error

Problem in installing Oracle10gR2 on RHEL 5.2 & Solution

When trying to install the Oracle10gR2 (10.2) software on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 5 (RHEL5) server, the prerequisite checks fail. Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) initially fails with the following error: Checking installer requirements… Checking operating system version: must be redhat-3, SuSE-9, redhat-4, UnitedLinux-1.0, asianux-1 or asianux-2 Failed <<<< After adding redhat-5 to the…