Oracle Exadata is an engineered system. It’s used to deploy Oracle Databases. It is a complete system that includes Database servers, Storage servers and Infini Band Networking with an “in-a-box” strategy. It provides High Availability, Scalability and extreme performance for business critical databases. Exadata cab be used to deploy both OLTP & DW workloads on a single system. It can also be used as a platform for Database consolidation. Exadata adoption is increasing across the world. Many Organizations are increasingly using it to deploy their 24×7 business critical databases. This is creating demand for Exadata professionals. Organizations are looking for Exadata Administration skills in all the Oracle DBAs they are hiring. Oracle DBA with Exadata skills is finding more job opportunities. If you are already an Oracle DBA, consider upgrading to Exadata, so that you can grab the more opportunities and move up in career path.

Uclid offers high quality practical training on Oracle Exadata Administration with 24×7 online access to Servers.

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