Oracle Apps DBA

Oracle Application Database Administration is rewarding career with great potential to scale new heights. At the same time it demands thorough knowledge of the complex system. APPS DBA should have a clear understanding of the concepts, architecture and internals to be able to perform the job effectively. At Uclid, we have highly experienced, real time working APPS DBAs as the faculty. Our professional faculty team ensure that you learn all the concepts with practical and project based approach to enable you become a good APPS DBA.

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What you will learn?

This course provides students with a basic understanding of the Architecture, Database and File system used in Oracle Applications Release 12.2. Students learn about Multi-tier architecture used to provide user access over the Internet or an intranet and the relationship between Oracle Applications and the Oracle database. The course covers the structure of the file system used to store the Oracle Applications product files, environment files, and additional files required to support multiple languages in Release 12.2. Students also learn how to use Rapid Install to perform both single and multi-node installations of Oracle Applications, AD Administration and other AD utilities to maintain Oracle Applications, Auto Patch to automate the application of Oracle Applications patches, and Rapid Clone to clone an Oracle Applications system.

Who can attend?

  • Oracle Database Administrators

Suggested Pre-requisites

  • Oracle Database Administration (DBA) & Linux

Training Highlights

  • Training on Latest versions
  • Extensive syllabus, compared to any other institute
  • In-depth coverage with real world examples and scenarios
  • Top Quality course material for self-study and future reference
  • Server Access for practice
  • Interview questions & Guidance on Oracle certifications
  • Assistance on resume preparation
  • Free Linux & Oracle software installation on your personal Laptops
  • 100% Placement assistance by full-fledged in-house placement cell
1. Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.1/R12.1.3/12.2.3 Architecture

  • Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.1/12.1.3/12.2.2 Architecture
  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.1/12.1.3/12.2.2 Architecture
  • Desktop Tier
  • Application Tier
  • Database Tier
  • Oracle Homes Architecture
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Layer
2. Installation

  • Single Node Installation (12.1 & 12.2)
  • Multi-Node Installation (12.1 & 12.2).
3. File System

  • Oracle Applications Technology
  • Oracle Applications Environment Files and Server Process Scripts
  • Oracle Applications Entire File System
  • The Applications and Database Context Files
4. AD Utilities

  • What are the AD Utilities?
  • AD Administration
  • Special Utilities
  • Context Editing
  • Reporting Utilities
  • Configuration Utilities
5. Concurrent Managers

  • Managing Concurrent Programs and Reports and Output Post processor.
  • Administering Concurrent Managers
  • Managing Profile Options
  • Incorporating a Custom Program
  • Scheduling requests and Request Sets
6. Patching

  • Patch Types, Terminology, and Components
  • Patch Creation and Patching Order
  • Patching Utilities
  • Introduction to Online Patching
  • Architectural Changes to Support Online Patching
  • Phases of the Online Patching Cycle
7. Running the AD Online Patching Utility

  • AD Online Patching Utility
  • Running the adop Utility
  • adop Commands
  • Executing the Patching Cycle
  • Status of a Patching Cycle
  • Patching in Multi-Node Environments
  • Hotpatch Mode
8. AutoConfig and Configuration Changes

  • Reduced Role for AutoConfig
  • Configuration Tools
  • New AutoConfig Tools for System Configuration
  • Service Groups and Services in Release R12.1.3/12.2.3
  • AutoConfig Managed Service Groups and Services
  • Managing Oracle HTTP Server Configurations
  • Web Applications
  • Summary of Configuration Changes
  • Autoconfig Template and Driver files Concepts
9. Cloning

  • Clone Concepts
  • Cloning From Single node to Single node
  • Cloning From Multi-Node to Multi-Node
  • Cloning From Multi-Node to Single-Node
  • Database Refresh
  • R12.2.X and R12.1.X key changes.
  • Post-Clone Procedures
10. Security

  • Creating Users
  • Assigning Responsibilities
  • FNDCPASS Concepts
  • Changing User Passwords using FNDCPASS, AFPASSWD
11. System Administration

  • Creating Users
  • Assigning Responsibilities
  • Setting Up Printers
  • Changing Profile Options.
  • XML Publisher and Administration in DBA Perspective.
  • Code Migrations and awareness on Migration tools.
  • Key roles in Support for APPS DBA.
  • OAF Migrations.
12. Upgradation

  • From 12.1.1 to 12.1.3
  • From 12.2.2 to 12.2.6
13. Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning

  • User connectivity issues Troubleshooting
  • Apache Troubleshooting
  • Jserv Troubleshooting
  • OC4J Troubleshooting
  • Forms & Concurrent Processing Troubleshooting
  • Autoconfig related issues Troubleshooting
  • Long-Running Jobs Troubleshooting
  • Java Memory Settings and Tuning
  • Troubleshooting Cloning Issues
  • Apps Health Monitoring
  • Certification matrix / CPU patchig for Applications and DB.
  • Raising DB and Apptier monitoring.
14. Oracle Applications Advanced Topics

  • Creating Custom Product Top’s
  • Creating Custom Concurrent Managers
  • Weblogic Installation
  • Weblogc Domain Creation
  • Weblogic Administration

UCLID IT School is the leader in Oracle Trainings.  At UCLID, we assure you top quality and project based Oracle trainings. We have mastered the art of teaching Oracle APPS DBA and changed many lives for good.  At UCLID, we follow an easy, simple and practical approach towards making you a master in Oracle APPS DBA.

With it’s enviable & impeccable track record of training and placing thousands of students as Oracle APPS DBAs in many IT organizations, Uclid has the following unique advantages:

  • Training by Real Time working professional
  • Project based training approach with Real world project scenarios and case studies
  • Most in-depth and comprehensive training
  • Well structured Training Material
  • Training on Latest Versions – R12.2
  • Individual attention and group discussions for Interview preperation
  • Dedicated systems for Lab practice supported by qualified Lab Administrators
  • Unlimited Lab Access
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 100% Satisfaction guarenteed

UCLID IT School has best of the best teaching faculties who are real time IT Professionals working with top MNCs. Each faculty has a minimum 10 years of real time experience in Oracle APPS DBA and working in the capacity of project leaders and project managers in various MNCs. You will benefit from their rich experience by going through the real time scenarios and case studies during the training. At the end of the course you will not only learn Oracle APPS DBA but familiarize yourself with the real time aspects of Oracle APPS DBA.